Business English Course



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  1. Introduction to business English
    • Definition of business English
    • Importance of business English in the professional world
  2. Vocabulary
    • Common business terms and phrases
    • Key vocabulary for presentations, meetings, and negotiations
  3. Grammar
    • Proper verb tense usage
    • Formal vs. informal language
    • Active vs. passive voice
  4. Business writing
    • Email communication
    • Report writing
    • Business correspondence
  5. Presentations
    • Creating effective slides
    • Delivering presentations with confidence
    • Handling questions and objections
  6. Meetings
    • Leading and participating in meetings
    • Making effective contributions
    • Minute-taking
  7. Negotiations
    • Preparing for negotiations
    • Language for persuading and influencing
    • Closing the deal
  8. Socializing and networking
    • Small talk and conversation starters
    • Dining etiquette
    • Building professional relationships
  9. Cultural awareness
    • Understanding cultural differences in business communication
    • Adapting to cultural norms in different countries
  10. Practice and review
  • Role-playing and simulated business situations
  • Review of key concepts and skills
  • Opportunities for self-assessment and improvement.


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